Webinars for New Business Brokerage Professionals

Finish The Deal is a logical training program for anyone who is new to the business brokerage profession.

Within the 3 “Finish The Deal” Modules, I have incorporated 90-minute webinars and their supporting documents. These include business brokerage checklists and all documents used to complete the sale of a business.

Self-Directed Training Program

Just Like the FastStart™ learning track, the Finish The Deal learning track is a self-directed training program; you will work at your own pace. I want to ensure that you have the tools to be successful in your critical first year.

All you will need is a computer and Internet access.

Throughout the program, you will be asked to let your office owner know what you are doing and how the training is going. Your office owner will be able to check into this program to see your progress.

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Major Objectives of Finish the Deal


Write a professional and legally-enforceable Offer


Get the Buyer through Due Diligence


Get the deal through Closing


Ensure there will be a seamless Orderly Turnover