Business Brokerage Forms

FastStart™ includes downloadable, customizable forms.

A listing of all the tax information for an incorporation.
A table with several different types of agreements.
A list of business broker acknowledgement for seller. Doc
A series of business documents are shown with the title and description.
A sheet of paper with several different types of information.
A number of different types of documents

Business Brokerage Control Sheets

A spreadsheet with different types of business transactions.
A table with multiple colors and different types of tasks.

Business Brokerage Resources

A book cover with the title of how to overcome the 4 4 most common seller objections in business brokerage.
A business brokerage transaction terms glossary cover.
A green background with some type of color

New Client Marketing Packages

61 questions in customizable Word document format, which match the CBR template headers.

A key and some words on it
A group of people sitting around a table with laptops.
A microsoft word logo with the words " microsoft word ".
A page of business continuity plan

Len Krick’s CBR Template

FastStart™ includes a professional 17-page confidential business review template.

A business review is presented to the company logo.
Table of contents for a business plan
A man is writing a business review using a template.
A microsoft word logo with the words " microsoft word ".

Reference Library of 35 CBRs

FastStart™ includes a library of 35 successful deal CBRs.

A business opportunity summary for anytime fitness
Table of contents for a business plan
A table with the names of each item in this list.

Business Brokerage New Office Checklist

A list of different types of business and office

FastStart™ includes a 1-year license for Len Krick’s valuation software:

  • Precision
  • Fully-automated
  • Easy to use
  • Computes a custom multiple of SDE
  • Computes the Buyer’s Annual ROI and Cash-on-Cash ROI
  • Creates its own report
  • Runs on Excel
A cover page of the broker 's opinion of the most probable selling price.
A logo for the office point, an outsourcing and analysis company.
A man with glasses and a suit standing in front of a price point sign.

Fantastic 90-Minute Webinars

FastStart™ learning modules include these 90-minute webinars written by Len Krick:

A green and red background with some white lines