Empowering Precision Analytics & ROI Calculations

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A 1-year license for Len Krick’s valuation software is available for $300.

  • Precision analytics is driven by VBA and Boolean Logic
  • Fully-automated
  • Easy to use
  • Computes a custom multiple of SDE
  • Computes the Buyer’s Annual ROI and Cash-on-Cash ROI
  • Creates its own report
  • Runs on Excel
A broker 's opinion of the most probable selling price
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Broker Input

A broker input sheet for the 2 0 1 7 premier

Table of Contents

A table of contents for the broker 's opinion of the most probable selling price.

Recast & SDE

A table with several different types of financial statements.

Custom SDE Multiple

A table with two columns of data and one column of data.

Defend Your Asking Price

A black and white drawing of a person wearing boxing gloves

Monthly Sales Analysis

A series of graphs showing the various metrics.

Pricing and Comps

A sample of the business valuation report

Buyer’s ROI

A table of financial statements for the year 2 0 1 8.